Where is Dr Orna Guralnik on Couples Therapy from and who is her husband?

24 Jan 2022, 20:03
24 Jan 2022, 18:57

Couples Therapy, Dr Orna Guralnik

Couples Therapy star Dr Orna Guralnik is now a household name in the US thanks to the award-winning documentary series.

And now Dr Guralnik is set to become a well-known face in the UK thanks to BBC Two showing the fascinating series.

But who is Orna Guralnik, who is her husband and where is she from?

Dr Guralnik on Couples Therapy (Credit: BBC)

Dr Orna Guralnik in Couples Therapy – where is she from?

Despite becoming a household name thanks to Couples Therapy, 56-year-old Dr Guralnik likes to keep her private life private.

What we do know about her is that Orna was born in Washington DC to Israeli parents.

However, the family returned to Israel when Orna was seven.

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From there, she studied in Tel Aviv and got her degree.

And then Orna returned to the US to further her studies, graduating from New York University’s Post Doctoral Program.

She is now a practising Clinical Psychologist and Psychoanalyst in New York.

And Orna also lectures at the National Institute for the Psychotherapies on “trans-generational transmission of trauma…

“… socio-politics/ideology and psychoanalysis, and on dissociation”.

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Dr Orna Guralnik in Couples Therapy – is she married?

Again, Orna is guarded about her private life.

However, even though we do not know if she is married or not, she is mother to two children – Jasper and Ruby.

She’s also an aunt to Lael.

Her privacy is such that Orna wondered whether doing the show was a good idea in the first place.

She told Haaretz: “I was very ambivalent.

“I wondered whether it was even possible to do therapy in front of cameras that would feel like therapy and not something else.

“I also had personal apprehensions: Would I be able to function in that situation? Is it something that’s right to do? From my point of view it was a risk.

“Some people said it would destroy my career.”

She also told Refinery 29: “My stance was, Look, this show is not about me. It’s about the work.

“If you include my personal life into it, you are misrepresenting the work.

“Anything you do with my personal story will contaminate the honest representation of the process of what therapy is really like, would hurt my current patients.

“I don’t want to do that to them. It’s a betrayal.”

Dr Guralknik in action (Credit: BBC)

How much does a session cost with Dr Guralnik?

Orna’s clinic is based on Lafayette Street in Manhattan, New York and she focuses on psychodynamic psychotherapy.

Furthermore, her website says that this approach “focuses on unconscious thoughts and feelings that determine behavior and various mood states”.

Orna also provides psychoanalysis, which she says “is more of a commitment than psychotherapy because it requires a commitment to meet several times per week”.

But when it comes costs of each session on her website, potential patients can email directly to talk about their needs.

And when it comes to the show itself, the Showtime website says that chosen participants get “15-20” sessions for couples therapy for free.

Orna’s supervisor, Virgina (Credit: BBC)

Who is Orna Guralnik’s supervisor in the series?

Throughout the series, Orna visits her supervisor to discuss her patients and to voice any pressures she’s feeling.

This supervisor is Virginia Goldner, an award-winning psychoanalyst whose work includes “psychoanalytic theory, feminist and queer theory, and systems theory”.

Furthermore, Virginia treats individuals and couples at her private practice in New York.

She also advises, teaches and supervises clinicians at home and abroad.

Orna’s dog, Nico (Credit: BBC)

What kind of dog does Orna Guralnik have?

One feature in the series viewers are besotted with is Orna’s dog.

Nico has her own bed in Orna’s office.

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And she became such a break-out star that in series two Nico gets her own doggie-cam.

This means footage is shown from her street wanderings and around the office.

Nico’s distinctive breed?

She is an Alaskan Klee Kai, and looks like a miniature Husky with adorable fluffiness and clear blue eyes.

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