Dragons’ Den on BBC One: Pitches this week include a dog piddle patch! Yes really!

13 Jan 2022, 16:37

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Multi-millionaire Peter Jones cannot believe his eyes and ears this week when he’s confronted with a surprising new dog business – so what are the Dragons’ Den episode two pitches?

The Dragons are divided when an animal-mad entrepreneur pitches her Piddle Patches – and try saying that after a few gins (or coconut flower beers)!

The 19th series continues on BBC One this week, following more budding entrepreneurs as they pitch their ideas to the Dragons.

So what pitches appear on Thursday January 13 2022?

Peter Jones is incredulous during the Piddle Patch pitch! (Credit: BBC One)

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Dragons’ Den series 19 episode two pitches: Eco Union’s Ecotrays

Husband and wife team Joel and Nicky Buckley pitch an planet-friendly range of decorating tools.

The couple believe their products will transform the DIY market.

Joel and Nicky, from Devon, are founders of Eco Union.

They promise a range of “sustainable decorating tools that don’t cost the earth”.

Eco-Union is a B-Corp certified business which provides biodegradable, compostable and recyclable Ecotrays made of sugar cane!

And the carbon-neutral trays don’t need washing up after use.

The list of stockists is detailed on their website.

Nereus London beauty products

Next up are South African ex-pats James Inglesby and his business partner and fiancée Diana Ziegler, from Venezuela.

The beauty product designers pitch a range of items they believe are luxuriously appealing and planet friendly.

James and Diana’s Nereus London products attempt to tackle the problem of plastic in the bathroom.

Diana promises that their Nereus London beauty range “is not only sustainable, but it actually works”.

Nereus London has premium beauty care products, which are all-natural and environmentally sustainable.

Their award-winning product range “has been carefully and consciously formulated, using only the finest natural active ingredients, to bring you the soft, smooth beautiful hair and skin that you deserve”.

All hair and body care products are free from harsh chemicals, such as silicones, sulphates or parabens.

They are also “cruelty free, vegan friendly, gluten-free and plastic-free”.

Of course, their products also come at a premium price – shampoos start from £25 for 250ml, while bath and shower gels sell for £20.

James and Diana tell us that the average household uses more than 200 plastic bottles a year – that end up in landfill.

Dragons’ Den series 19 episode two pitches: Steven reacts when one entrepreneur favours Deborah Meaden (Credit: BBC One)

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Dragons’ Den pitches episode two: Coconut Flower beer for women

Wiltshire-couple Vaani and Keeran pitch their specialist gift beer packages.

But what makes them different?

Coconut Flower beer is aimed at a female market, and is “not just a drink, but an experience”.

They also insist that men can drink it, too (although we’re not sure they’d want to).

Expect to pay £32.40 for an eight-pack of the sweet, vegan beer – or £42.90 for a pack that includes a coconut shell candle and a meditation guide which they believe promotes mindfulness.

Mindfulness and alcohol isn’t something we’d normally put together.

We’re hoping it tastes damn good for that price, too.

Dragons’ Den pitches episode two: Toto Sleep Ltd

Glasgow mum Victoria Fullarton has an invention borne from her own sleepless nights.

The aspiring entrepreneur is guaranteeing young children will sleep through the night, but can she explain the technology?

Victoria believes her product Toto is a game-changer for new parents.

Her company Toto Sleep has developed a wearable baby sleep prediction kit.

She says it “takes the guess work out of baby sleep times and will help you develop a sleep routine”.

It’s a wearable device – most commonly known as a watch! – that tells you when your baby is naturally ready for bedtime.

It assists with sleep training for babies aged six months to 24 months, and has an easy to use free app.

Victoria tells the Dragons that Toto is the first wearable sleep aid of its kind.

It helps parents sleep train their babies and infants using an innovative new method – the Toto uses your child’s own biometrics to pinpoint their ideal window to start bedtime.

Can it put them to bed for us, too?

It currently costs £99.

Will Deborah offer to fund the Piddle Patch on Dragons’ Den? (Credit: BBC One)

Dragons’ Den pitches episode two: Piddle Patch

Canadian-born animal lover Rebecca Sloan offers a new green solution to canine pollution and house training pooches.

Piddle Patch is a soil-free, real grass toilet for dogs to do their business on if you are toilet training your pooch, live in a flat, or have limited access to gardens or outside space.

Rebecca’s invention is an environmentally-friendly dog toilet solution made entirely from biodegradable and recyclable materials.

The grass is grown without pesticides or harmful chemicals, and contains no toxic plants or flowers.

It helps dogs learn to potty only on the grass.

She argues that puppy pee pads take up to 500 years to degrade in landfill.

And, wait for it, a Piddle Patch costs £32.50!

The “grass in a tray” as Peter Jones calls it, is clearly for serious dog lovers only – and those with money.

It’s certainly niche!

Dragons’ Den continues on Thursdays at 8pm on BBC One.

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