5 Coronation Street characters who need a decent storyline in 2022

3 Dec 2021, 19:02
3 Dec 2021, 10:54

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Coronation Street is blessed with a huge cast and some beloved characters that will see us into 2022.

There’s so much going on usually that soap fans don’t always get to see as much of their favourites as they would like.

And there are some characters that are being majorly overlooked.

Here are five who desperately need a huge storyline in the New Year…

Kevin is in desperate need of a storyline for him (Credit: ITV)

Kevin Webster

This is Kevin Webster – he’s street royalty.

Not that you’d know it from him playing supporting actor to his recovering drug addict cheating wife Abi.

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There was a time when Kevin was at the forefront of the cobbles’ drama – now he’s barely an afterthought.

His own sister nearly destroyed the community – but Kevin just trudged along with a bit of judgement.

He needs to be centre stage again.

Rita deserves better after all she’s done for Corrie (Credit: ITV)

Rita Tanner

She is the leading lady of the cobbles but frankly she’s got nothing to do.

Living above the shop she sold, Rita puts in the odd shift behind the Kabin’s counter and occasionally knocks back a G&T in the Rovers.

But that’s about it. And that’s just not good enough.

Rita needs a meaty storyline to get her back at the forefront where she belongs.

Ken Barlow

You wouldn’t actually know Ken was still on the cobbles the way the soap’s treated him the last year.

Is he still there? He’s popped up now and again to bang on about community but that’s about it.

Even his son almost dying barely roused Ken from his Times crossword puzzle.

Put him to work – he’s an icon for a reason.

Gail hasn’t been doing much in Coronation Street (Credit: ITV)

Gail Platt

At the risk of tempting fate – Gail is in desperate need of a new husband.

The multi-bride is at her best when she’s in a relationship (preferably with a serial killer) – not single and popping off to Thailand every few months.

Gail Platt (for that is her real name no matter what reality says) is a cobbles institution – but she’s being wasted.

She’s barely rowing with Eileen Grimshaw these days too and that’s just unacceptable.

Ryan Connor is in desperate need of a Coronation Street storyline for himself (Credit: ITV)

Ryan Connor

He wasn’t even the star of the last storyline he was allowed near.

Ryan has long been neglected on the cobbles – with him falling foul of Daisy’s cruel sex plot.

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Now he’s just running around chasing Zeedan Nazir and trying to work out why he’s playing second fiddle to a character literally no one wanted back.

As are we.

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