OPINION: Adele is overrated and overhyped

15 Oct 2021, 17:49

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Adele released the first single from her hotly anticpated new album today (Friday, October 15), but is it really worth all this hype?

30, will be released in November, but single Easy On Me, about the pain she felt following her divorce from husband Simon Konecki is out now.

It’s been received with much fan fare. On Twitter one fan wrote: “Adele’s new song Easy on Me is easily the best song in the last 20 years. Wow, instant tears. Adele is a legend.”

Another simply wrote: “Sublime,” meanwhile more said it was “perfect” and “beautiful”.

Adele’s songs sound similar

Adele’s new single Easy On Me was released today (Credit: Vevo/YouTube)

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Let me start by saying Adele is incredibly talented. She has a powerhouse voice that would put my karaoke vocals firmly in the corner where they belong.

I’m sure she’s also a great person, I know her recent Instagram live was funny, and I wish I had her commitment to fitness and the gym.

However, for me, her songs are all rather samey.

I appreciate they tell the stories of the time she was in her life when she wrote it. The most recent chronicling her divorce and rebuilding her life.

Easy On Me, will no doubt become an anthem for the heartbroken. But then again, aren’t most of her songs like that?

Adele PR machine

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Arguably, it’s the Adele PR machine that I have more of a problem with than the songs themselves. See also: Beyoncé.

Adele is surely so talented she doesn’t need to ‘tease the release of her new single’ with a giant billboards appearing across the globe. I find publicity stunts like this irritating.

I’m certain if she just announced she was releasing a new album and gave us all the time and date it was coming out everyone would still buy it.

She is everywhere, everyone is talking about her, and people seem to be amazed that she’s released yet another good song.

However, isn’t that her job? To release good music? Why all the hype? If it’s good, it’ll sell itself, no matter how many billboards she projects onto or how many shows she appears on.

Good luck to Adele, I’m sure her album will become one of the biggest ever in history. But I won’t be downloading it. It’s just not for me. After all, the world would be a very boring place if we all liked the same music, wouldn’t it?

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