Coronation Street: What exactly was the point of Shona’s head injury plot? Bring back Old Shona!

15 Oct 2021, 18:48
15 Oct 2021, 16:53

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Some soaps make huge errors in storylines almost every week but Coronation Street is not one of them.

But even now, after 60 years, it has the potential to develop a storyline that not only doesn’t make any sense – but it just doesn’t work.

New Shona doesn’t remember her past in Coronation Street (Credit: ITV)

And that is why Shona Platt’s head injury has become an albatross around the show’s neck.

We do understand that when actors find themselves needing time off – in this case for maternity leave – that that can present a challenge.

But rarely is the answer to have their character hide in a box, get shot in the stomach, lose their memory and go to a special memory centre to develop a whole new personality.

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However that’s what happened to Shona. And what a mistake it was.

It was already straining soap credibility that David Platt would have his wallet stolen by the mother of the man who killed his wife Kylie.

But it’s a soap so you make allowances for these things.

It then emerged that her ex Nathan was grooming David’s niece Bethany.

And then they fell in love. As one presumably does in this situation, the truth split them apart when she confessed who she really was.

Coronation Street needs to bring back Old Shona

After action-packed year the pair settled down – until he was raped by Josh Tucker, and dumped Shona while trying to cope.

Eventually the truth emerged and brought them back together, only for her son Clayton to escape prison and take her hostage trying to kill her.

Then David ended up in prison for assaulting Gary Windass during a boxing match.

Shona couldn’t even remember her wedding day – so they recreated it (Credit: ITV)

By the time he was released the pair tied the knot in a touching ceremony and all seemed well.

Until she hid in a box and got shot that is.

Obviously having gone through so much in such a short amount of time – the temptation is to wipe the slate clean.

So Shona developed a brain jury after being shot in the stomach and lost all her memories.

She also became blunter and had trouble with impulse control.

At one point Shona was too dangerous to be in charge of the kids (Credit: ITV)

But after months of this being shown, it all seems to have disappeared.

New Shona seems to remember things she shouldn’t, and hasn’t almost killed the kids in almost a year.

It has been a pointless endeavour – one that has robbed fans of Old Shona.

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And that just isn’t on.

Corrie bosses need to either decide to end this ridiculous story and bring Old Shona back – or properly commit to having a character with a serious brain injury on the cobbles. (You know, er, like with Nick…)

They can’t have it both ways.

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