Emmerdale SPOILERS: Priya sleeps with Ellis – then dies?

14 Oct 2021, 15:54

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Emmerdale spoilers for next week reveal Priya and Ellis grow closer on the survival challenge, but will it end with Priya losing her life?

In next week’s scenes the survival challenge begins with cries of enthusiasm.

As the survivalists jump into their rafts and set off down the river, Billy and Ben try to rally their respective team members.

Who will die? (Credit: ITV)

It all seems to be going well, but soon the day takes a horrible day when many are left fighting for their lives in the menacing waters.

However Meena is on a mission to kill. Will everyone survive?

Emmerdale spoilers: Priya sleeps with Ellis – then dies?

In upcoming scenes Priya and Ellis, who set up and organised the survival challenge, head off for some cheeky fun in the woods.

Priya and Ellis head off into the woods to have some fun (Credit: ITV)

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Ellis and Priya share a moment of post-coital bliss before Priya heads to drop off the survival challenge prize at the maze.

But will she run into danger?

Meena caught as she sets out to kill Victoria

Meanwhile Meena wants Victoria dead and waits for her chance to strike.

She knows she’s maliciously damaged Victoria’s harness, but watches in fear as Manpreet takes Victoria’s harness.

Meena knows full-well it’s the same harness she’s damaged.

Someone spots Meena holding Victoria’s head under water (Credit: ITV)

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As they set off in the rafts, everyone is thrown off and plunged into deep water.

Meena struggles to regain control but manages to get over to Victoria and begin drowning her.

However, somebody sees her and Meena is thrown into danger.

There’s no way Meena can leave a loose end, so she gives chase into the maze.

Just who has seen Meena and will she kill them?

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