UK Covid cases ‘could hit 200,000 a day within weeks,’ experts warn

18 Jul 2021, 15:50

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Covid cases in Britain could reach a staggering 200,000 cases a day and thousands of daily hospital admissions health experts have warned.

Despite England planning on opening up on Monday, several health experts have issued bleak warnings.

Monday July 19 is being billed as ‘Freedom Day’, yet this could lead to dire consequences say these experts.

Especially considering that coronavirus cases have steadily been increasing in England over the last few weeks.

Chris Whitty has made his concerns clear (Credit: SplashNews)

Appearing on BBC’s Andrew Marr show on Saturday, Professor Neil Ferguson said he expects 100,000 cases a day soon.

The Professor said: “100,000 cases a day is almost inevitable.

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“I mean, we could get to 2,000 hospitalisations a day, 200,000 cases a day, but it’s much less certain.

“There, you are talking about major disruption of services and cancellation of elective surgery and the backlog in the NHS, getting longer and longer.”

Meanwhile chief medical officer Chris Whitty has said restrictions could return in five weeks.

Boris Johnson says we need to learn to live with COVID (Credit: SplashNews)

Speaking at a Science Museum webinar, he said: “I don’t think we should underestimate the fact that we could get into trouble again surprisingly fast.”

“We are not by any means out of the woods yet on this, we are in much better shape due to the vaccine programme, and drugs and a variety of other things.

“But this has got a long way to run in the UK, and it’s got even further to run globally.”

He added that if vaccines aren’t “topping out” we may need restrictions in “five, six, seven eight weeks’ time”.

Another lockdown may be on the cards this autumn (Credit: Unsplash)

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Finally, he said that we must look at the figures, and realise that COVID numbers and deaths are on the rise again.

The Professor continued: “This epidemic is doubling. It’s doubling in cases. It is also doubling in people going to hospital, and it’s doubling in deaths.”

However, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is urging the public to be cautious upon ‘Freedom Day’.

Yet he also says we must begin to learn to “live with the coronavirus”.

What’s more, he and Rishi Sunak are now being forced to self-isolate after Sajid Javid tested positive for COVID-19.

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