Emmerdale SPOILERS: Liam Cavanagh will KILL Meena Jutla, hints actor Jonny McPherson

17 Jul 2021, 15:11

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Emmerdale star Jonny McPherson has hinted that Liam Cavanagh will kill Meena Jutla.

Viewers know the killer nurse murdered his daughter Leanna in cold blood.

But Liam has no idea and thinks it was a cruel accident and, as a result, has been lashing out at those closest to him.

However, should Liam discover the truth – and let’s face it, this is soapland so it will happen – Meena should run.

Liam will kill Meena for what she’s done (Credit: ITV)

What did Emmerdale star Jonny say about the Meena storyline?

“It wouldn’t be a very pretty end for Meena, that’s for sure!” actor Jonny told Inside Soap.

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“He’d have no qualms about taking an eye for an eye. I’d imagine any parent would be sufficiently furious to want to kill that person.

“As much as you rationally want to see them banged up for life, I think his initial reaction would be that he just wants to kill Meena…”

The actor recently confirmed that Meena will kill again.

Emmerdale: Meena Jutla WILL kill again

Speaking to Metro.co.uk, Jonny revealed that Liam has no reason to suspect his work colleague, Meena, would kill Leanna.

He said: “I mean it’s difficult because Meena also provides Liam with somebody to talk to. She ends up positioning herself to allow him to talk to her.

“He finds a great deal of solace in Meena’s coldness about everything. It’s kind of a tonic after everyone else’s platitudes and apologies.

He added: “But Leanna will not be the last victim, that’s for sure.”

Meena Jutla murdered Leanna Cavanagh in cold blood (Credit: ITV)

So what happens next week?

Next week Liam’s wife Leyla is frantic with worry after his disappearing act.

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Viewers saw on Friday as Meena discovered where Liam had gone but kept it to herself as part of a sick power game.

Will Leyla be able to find her husband before it’s too late?

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