Loose Women: Stacey Solomon thought she’d ‘pooed herself’ when she had first period

16 Jul 2021, 16:40

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Loose Women star Stacey Solomon – pregnant with her fourth child – surprised viewers as she made a very intimate admission about menstruation.

The panel were invited to let rip and ‘rage’ about issues that wind them up earlier today (Friday July 16).

Host Nadia Sawalha turned to Stacey after she claimed being pregnant with a little girl and the third trimester of pregnancy both heighten rage in mums-to-be.

Stacey Solomon believes information concerning women’s health issues could benefit from better funding (Credit: ITV)

What did Stacey Solomon say on Loose Women?

The TV fave went on to address education around women’s bodies, menstruation and menopause.

She insisted both men and women require better information about how women’s health can be affected.

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The mum-of-three also highlighted how being better informed will ensure future generations are, too.

Stacey said: “If we did have a proper education around hormones and hormone changes… not just in women but in men… about the menopause, periods, all of those stages of our lives where we do really struggle…

“If we can lash out and become and do things that are out of character, it would really help our children.”

Stacey on how her mother suffered

Stacey, whose sister Jemma Solomon participated in a different item on Loose Women, also noted how early menopause affected her family.

She suggested her mum didn’t support during her experience of early menopause. Stacey also indicated there was a lack of understanding around the topic.

That sounds so bad. I just had no idea what on Earth it was.

She went on to reflect how menopause can also impact “everyone around” the person going through it.

Jemma Solomon, right, was also part of Friday’s Loose Women (Credit: ITV)

Stacey’s eye-opening confession

Former X Factor star Stacey also revealed she personally had also suffered from a lack of understanding about her own body.

She also had a response to education methods that left panelists and viewers chuckling.

Following on from the thought that kids are still watching the same educational videos as years ago, Stacey suggested a far more shocking tactic to help people understand periods.

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Stacey said: “Show them a dirty pad. And say one day you’re going to wake up and this is going to be in your knickers.”

However, as panelist Katie Piper laughed, Stacey went on to share a very surprising confession.

She continued: “When I started my period, I thought I’d pooed myself.

“That sounds so bad.

“I just had no idea what on Earth it was.”

@StaceySolomon absolutely creases me!! “Show them a dirty pad and say one day this will be in your knickers” actually love her!! 😂😂👏🏼👏🏼 @loosewomen #Periodtalk

— Samantha Louise (@Sam__Louise) July 16, 2021

Viewers were taken aback by her words – but enjoyed her fierce reactions.

One watcher tweeted: “Loving Stacey Solomon today on Loose Women #fuming #angry #pregnancyhormones #LooseWomen.”

“Stacey is at her best like this,” wrote another.

And a third contributed: “Stacey Solomon absolutely creases me! Actually love her!”

– Loose Women airs on ITV, weekdays, from 12.30pm.

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