Tamwar and Nancy on EastEnders: When did they get together? Are they divorcing?

26 Apr 2021, 20:30
26 Apr 2021, 20:31

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Nancy is set to make a huge announcement about Tamwar on tonight’s episode of EastEnders.

But what happened between the pair? And when did they get together?

Find out more about this popular couple on EastEnders and why they left Walford together…

When did Tamwar and Nancy get together?

Tamwar Masood, played by Himesh Patel, joined EastEnders in 2007.

He started dating Nancy Carter, played by Maddy Hill, in 2015.

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They grew close and were kindred spirits.

Tamwar and Nancy seemed genuinely in love (Credit: BBC)

Tamwar was insecure that Nancy would judge him for his severe body scars.

He suffered burns after getting caught up in Albert Square’s B&B fire in 2011.

Meanwhile Nancy was nervous to reveal the true extent of her epilepsy to him.

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However, they both accepted one another’s flaws, and quickly fell in love.

Why did Tamwar and Nancy leave EastEnders?

In 2016 the pair decided to leave Walford and travel the world.

They eventually settle in New Zealand.

The couple left London for a new life abroad (Credit: BBC)

When did Tamwar and Nancy get married?

It was revealed back in 2019 that Tamwar and Nancy were married.

The pair got married in Australia, and Tamwar phoned Nancy’s dad, Mick Carter, to share the big news.

Mick was overjoyed with the news and gave everyone at the Queen Vic a free drink.

When did Nancy return to EastEnders?

Nancy returned to Albert Square after five years away this month.

Upon her return, actress Maddy said: “I’m SO excited to be coming back and reconnecting with all the hilarious, warm, talented cast and crew and meeting some lovely new faces.

“I absolutely loved playing Nancy and have often wondered what she’s up to, so feel very grateful to be able to rediscover her 5 years on!”

So could Tamwar return to Albert Square too?! (Credit: BBC)

Is Tamwar coming back to EastEnders?

The BBC has not made no official announcement about Tamwar’s return.

However, this doesn’t mean it couldn’t still happen. Nancy is shown having hushed phone conversations with her husband.

She says there is no money in the bank account – and demands money be put back.

Could he return to his wife in London? Only time will tell…

Are they getting a divorce?

EastEnders fans are concerned that Tamwar and Nancy are getting divorced.

She sounded less than pleased with him on the phone. And when Mick asked why he didn’t return to London with her – she seemed rather cagey.

Viewers took to Twitter at the time to voice their concerns.

One viewer tweeted: “‘Tam, I need that money’ Divorce Nancy?”

While another viewer replied: “I hope not, but it’s not looking good…”

A third user speculated: “Hold up, don’t say Tamwar and Nancy are having divorce proceedings and they are fighting over their shared money…”

Whereas a fourth user lamented: “#Eastenders. It seemed a bit strange however that Nancy seemed to turn up our of the blue without even a phonec all. Whatever she has come back for must be for something desperate and I fear that Tamwar could be part of Nancy’s reasons for her return.”

Claiming he couldn’t get time off work, Nancy hasn’t discussed her husband much at all since.

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