Mare of Easttown reviews: Is it worth watching – what do the critics say?

26 Apr 2021, 20:04

Drama, Sky Atlantic

Mare of Easttown continues this week with episode two of a limited series, but what do the reviews say?

What did the critics think of the series premiere?

Here’s everything you need to know about the Kate Winslet drama, and if it’s worth watching.

Mare questions suspects in a grisly murder case (Credit: Sky Atlantic)

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Mare of Easttown reviews: The Guardian

The Guardian’s Euan Ferguson tips Mare of Easttown for awards.

He says: “This is, nominally, a detective thriller, in seven episodes, released weekly by HBO, thankfully, which means we have to wait.

“In truth it’s a story, as all the best stories tend to be, about not crimes but people, their infinite variety and teensy jealousies and gripes, and sudden forgivenesses, and as such works on every level.

“At the same time – crucially – it works on a basic whodunnit level.”

He predicts “awards will follow, surely” and ends by saying “creator Brad Ingelsby, and director Craig Zobel know they have made something splendid”. review’s Jen Chaney says the series “distinguishes itself with strong characters who will grow on viewers with each hour-long instalment they consume”.

She continued by saying: “HBO sent five of the seven episodes to critics, and by episode three, I was fully invested in Mare Sheehan, played by a thoroughly committed Kate Winslet, and the lives of everyone connected to her in this place she’s called home for her entire life.”

The writer also promises “a tense sequence in episode five that caused her to loudly gasp”.

She concludes by saying the drama is worth your time to watch.

Kate Winslet and Guy Pearce in Mare of Easttown (Credit: Sky Atlantic)

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Mare of Easttown reviews: The Times

Hugo Rifkind of The Times says “Kate Winslet is tremendous: weary, monosyllabic, full of grit”.

He continues: “Wow, it’s good. It’s set in small-town Pennysylvania, where even the trees look exhausted.

“As with many of my favourite crime dramas of the past few years – Breaking Bad, the first True Detective, Fargo, even Broadchurch at its best – is the locale.”

He ends by saying: “Rarely have I so effortlessly absorbed so many distinct, mesmerising characters in so short a time.

“I’m hooked by the mystery. But also everything else.”

Evening Standard review

ES’s Katie Rosseinsky says “Kate Winslet is mesmerising in this claustrophobic small-town drama”.

She continues: “Although the tormented cop trope is hardly new, the show’s opening episodes are utterly absorbing, cleverly drawing us into the central mystery and into the sprawling ensemble’s tangled personal lives, which are equally, if not more compelling.

“It’s a joy to watch Winslet, too, who plays a woman on the verge so well.

“Winslet previously picked up an Emmy for her lead role in HBO’s Mildred Pierce 10 years ago, long before fronting a TV series became a Hollywood power move: perhaps another trophy could be on the cards for this one, too.”

Phone records lead Mare and Colin to question an unlikely suspect in Mare of Easttown (Credit: Sky Atlantic)

What happened in episode one of Mare of Easttown?

In the first of the seven-part series, viewers were introduced to detective Mare Sheehan.

Mare is a detective in a small Pennsylvania town who is trying to keep her life from falling apart.

Clearly damaged, she meets a writer in a bar (Guy Pearce) and the pair hit it off.

At the end of the episode, viewers saw a young girl brutally murdered – and Mare will be called to investigate.

In episode two, Mare questions suspects in the grisly murder case and gives an icy welcome to Colin Zabel (Evan Peters), a county detective called in to help.

Mare of Easttown continues on Monday April 26 2021 at 9pm on Sky Atlantic.

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