Shrek 20th anniversary: what is the release date of the fifth film?

23 Apr 2021, 18:55

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It’s official, the fairytale story of Shrek is celebrating its 20th anniversary but what is the release date of the new movie?

The film debuted in 2001 and was an instant smash hit for Dreamworks, taking in over $484 million at the box office.

The first film was a huge success worldwide, and sequels quickly followed.

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Shrek celebrates its 20th anniversary since the first film debuted in 2001 (Credit: YouTube/Dreamworks)

The 20th anniversary of Shrek

In 2002, Shrek 2 was released and five years later saw Shrek the Third hit the cinemas. The last instalment, Shrek Forever After, came in 2010.

The fifth film, which remains untitled, has been in the works and was originally planned for 2016. Fans are eager for the latest instalment and have already been keen to know the storyline.

Shrek is celebrating its 20th anniversary since its release in 2001 (Credit: YouTube/DreamWorks)

Shrek lookalikes

Over the years, there have been a few doppelganger references to Shrek and other characters – and not always in the best light!

Footballer Wayne Rooney was sometimes referred to as Shrek in the press, particularly after his police mugshot was released in 2019.

England and Manchester United legend Rooney was detained at Washington’s Dulles airport and arrested for public drunkenness.

When the picture was released, many fans took to Twitter to joke about his likeness to Shrek.

It’s not just Wayne that has taken on the appearance of characters from Shrek over the years either. Actress and BGT judge Amanda Holden was also one of the initial stars to feature in Shrek the musical when it appeared in London’s West End.

The 50-year-old performer took on the role of Princess Fiona in 2010, when the musical transitioned from Broadway in New York.

After Amanda, singer and pop star Kimberley Walsh also took on the female lead role.

Girls Aloud Singer Kimberley Walsh took on the lead role in Shrek (Credit:

When is the next Shrek film coming out?

Whilst the official release date hasn’t been confirmed, the fifth instalment in the Shrek films is due for release in 2022.

The film was originally promised for 2020, but has suffered setbacks delaying the release.

In a 2016 interview, actor Eddie Murphy also confirmed the film would be due for release last year. However, changes in storyline and direction have slowed down production.

The latest film is set to be the final instalment in the series. No further details about the storyline have yet been officially confirmed.

Rumours indicate it could be focused on the origin of Shrek and how he came to live in the swamp. One thing is for certain, the cast starring Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy and Cameron Diaz have all confirmed they will take part in the final film, whenever it’s ready.

Actor Mike Myers voices Shrek (Credit:

Who is the voice of Shrek?

The voice of Shrek is Austin Powers actor Mike Myers. The star took on the role back in 2001 and has voiced him through every follow-up film and sequel since.

Mike was not the original pick for the part. Instead, comedian Chris Farley had picked up the role. However, the comic sadly passed away in 1997 before he could complete all of his voiceover work. In 1999, Mike Myers stepped in and initially gave his original Canadian voice to the role.

However, the decision for Shrek to have a Scottish accent was one that Mike was instrumental in. Originally Shrek had a New York accent!

According to CBR, at the last minute, Mike requested to re-do ALL of Shrek’s lines to give him a Scottish accent. The thinking behind this was that Mike wanted Shrek’s personality to clash with villain Lord Farquaad, who has a posh English accent.

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