Deborah Meaden: Dragon’s Den star divides fans over Meghan Markle comments

22 Apr 2021, 19:30
22 Apr 2021, 18:12

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Deborah Meadon drew debate as she posed a question about Meghan Markle after Piers Morgan ranted against the former Suits actress.

The Dragons’ Den star, 62, responded to Piers, 56, via social media.

Piers had taken to his Daily Mail column to brand both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as ‘leeches’.

At the time Piers took aim at Harry and Meghan‘s just launched Archewell website.

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Deborah may just be on Meghan’s side (Credit: BBC)

In response he raged: “What a pathetic joke.

“If they want to be the new Kardashians, they’ll get treated like the new Kardashians.

“Get rid of these whining, ego-crazed, deluded leeches Ma’am – before it’s too late.”

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However, Deborah then divided her fans with a rather snide comeback.

What did Deborah Mead say about Meghan Markle?

Taking to Twitter, she tweeted: “Ok, let’s test it. If I said, ‘ego-crazed leech’… who would you think of first? Meghan Markle or Piers Morgan?”

Piers appears to despise both Harry and Meghan (Credit: SplashNews)

While some users defended Meghan, others took Piers’ side.

One user tweeted: “Did Meghan Markle ever intend to join the traditions of the Royal Family? I think not, her personal progressive agenda has always been more important. She has used the RF to extend this, time will reveal… Harry is the vulnerable victim. Bless our Queen.”

Another user begged: “Deborah I really want someone influential like yourself to start a hashtag campaign or something in support of Harry and Meghan. That people can get behind and show their support. Like in Oct the way the female MPs did. Hate the negativity towards her.”

Yet a third user declared: “Everything Piers Morgan says is merely a reflection of himself. I believe it is called projection. He rages against himself in the end. He is in Plato’s cave but the only shadow he sees is his own.”

A royalist, Deborah’s defended Prince Philip (Credit: SplashNews)

Yet another user argued: “It is bullying the way some so called celebs and press describe and treat Meghan Markle. Why would any couple want to bring their son up in a country where his mother is insulted and attacked regularly? It’s despicable conduct and hateful.”

It remains unclear just whose side Deborah is on, but she has repeatedly defended the Royal Family in the past.

What did Deborah say about Prince Philip?

When news broke that Prince Philip had died aged 99 she hit back at trolls online.

One user accused him of being too privileged but she replied by arguing that the late Duke of Edinburgh was a war hero.

She tweeted: “Well..he certainly had the chance not to go to war and risk his life but in July 1943, at the age of just 22, he was credited with saving the HMS Wallace which came under heavy bombardment during the invasion of Sicily… amongst other acts of Bravery..”

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