The Syndicate: How many episodes are left? Will there be a fifth series?

20 Apr 2021, 20:30
20 Apr 2021, 18:51

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Will there be a fifth series of The Syndicate on BBC one? And how many episodes are left of series four?

The latest series has got off to an epic start.

A local dog kennel gang have headed out to Monaco to reclaim the millions they believe they’re owed.

And as you can imagine, much comedy and misadventures ensue.

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Starring the likes of Neil Morrissey, Kym Marsh and Emily Head – it’s the breezy type of comedy series we all can enjoy in these unexpected times.

We take a look at this incredibly popular BBC series and what fans can expect next….

The Syndicate is already halfway through! (Credit: BBC)

How many episodes are left?

There are just three episodes left of The Syndicate series four.

So far three episodes have aired of The Syndicate – and a fourth episode is due tonight.

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In total there are six episodes.

Will there be a fifth series of The Syndicate?

Yes! Kay Mellor has confirmed that her series The Syndicate will indeed return for a fifth series.

She told the Daily Star that she is already working on ideas for the next instalment of the lottery themed show.

Kay says there will be a fifth series of The Syndicate (Credit: ITV)

However, she admits that it may take some time before it finally airs.

Kay said: “It took six years for the current series to come to screen.

“But there’s something cooking. The ingredients are there, so it’s there. But it’s not cooked up yet.”

What inspired the fourth series of The Syndicate?

Screenwriting veteran Kay says that the current series was inspired by her own pet dog.

Kay is the proud owner of Happy, a Shih Tzu who also appears in the series.

While speaking to The Guardian, Kay said she loves her dog so much, she can see how easily animal lovers could be taken advantage of.

Dogs play a huge role in the latest The Syndicate series (Credit: BBC)

She explained: “These kids [kennel workers on The Syndicate] do it because they love the dogs. Then they’re paid cash in hand – they don’t know how much they’re getting. How can you manage life if you don’t know that?”

Meanwhile, while speaking to the Herald Magazine, she said she loved having a variety of dog breeds on the show.

Kay said: “They have their own characters, each and every dog

“We’ve got a dog called Bobby, and we’ve got a dog called Howard – a little dachshund – and then we’ve got a great big Irish Wolfhound. So, we’ve got the little and large, we’ve got all these personalities – I’ve had great fun writing it.”

Is The Syndicate really filmed in Monaco?

Yes, these scenes are not CGI! All scenes set in Monaco were filmed there.

The cast and crew formed a COVID safe bubble so that they could film the glamorous scenes in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

However, Kay said she’d originally had her heart set on filming the casino scenes in Las Vegas.

But the pandemic ultimately put her off.

She told the Radio Times: “Once it became apparent how serious things were getting with COVID, I started to get worried about America. Because of their COVID rate being so high, but  also the added complication of the American elections.”

Thankfully, Monaco proved to be the perfect destination for the team of cash-strapped kennel workers.

She explained: “I had been to Monaco probably only two years previously, so I’d remembered it and remembered the casinos and hotels and how you feel when you’re there…poor basically.”

How to watch The Syndicate on BBC

Episodes of The Syndicate series four are available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

Also new episodes air every Tuesday at 9pm on BBC One.

Will you be watching? Let us know on our Facebook page @EntertainmentDailyFix.

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