Emmerdale: 5 HUGE storylines coming this spring

20 Apr 2021, 18:52

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Emmerdale always has plenty for viewers to look forward to and this spring will be no different.

So what storylines can Emmerdale fans look forward to in the coming months?

5 Emmerdale storylines coming up
1. Emmerdale – Who is poisoning Kim?

Kim collapsed (Credit: ITV)

Over the last few weeks, Kim hasn’t been feeling well.

Recently she collapsed and Lydia urged her to see a doctor after Kim revealed she had been suffering from memory loss, fainting spells and blackouts.

Kim opened up about how she feared she had hereditary dementia.

Kim fears she could have dementia (Credit: ITV)

However it was recently revealed to viewers that Kim is being poisoned by a mystery person. But who is behind it?

In a recent interview with the Metro, Kim actress Claire King revealed there are some big twists and turns along the way in this storyline.

She said: “I love a big storyline. It’s a really good one! There are some twists and turns along the way. It’s not all what it seems.

“Kim kind of changes a little bit, through drinking a lot of brandy and the worry behind it.

There are some twists and turns ahead (Credit: ITV)

“She changes. She’s not this tornado. She’s not the strong woman that controls everything: she loses some control and starts making mistakes.

“People start having a go at her. She hasn’t got the comebacks that she normally has. She is seriously worried about this, so you do see a different side to Kim now. Quite a vulnerable side to Kim.”

2. Ethan searches for his mother

Will Ethan find his mum? (Credit: ITV)

Ethan recently reached out to Manpreet to help find his mother’s medical records.

But it was Meena was able to find a phone number for Ethan’s mum.

In upcoming scenes Ethan arranges to meet his mum, who left him when he was four.

Will Ethan tell Charles the truth? (Credit: ITV)

But he is disappointed when she doesn’t turn up. He later receives a text from what appears to be his mum, telling him she doesn’t want to get to know him.

Charles later asks Manpreet what’s bothering his son, but she doesn’t give anything away.

Manpreet encourages Ethan to tell his dad about his search. Will he tell Charles the truth?

3. Mandy in danger?

Mandy goes to Charity for help (Credit: ITV)

In the aftermath of Paul’s funeral, Mandy sorts through Paul’s possessions and Vinny feels guilty.

Mandy asks Charity for a loan to pay for Paul’s funeral. But Charity isn’t handing over the cash for nothing and offers to buy Mandy’s salon.

Vinny places a bet (Credit: ITV)

Later Vinny finds a notebook with all of Paul’s betting wins and losses.

There are also future tips in the notebook, which give Vinny an idea. Soon he secretly visits a betting website.

Later Mandy is horrified to walk in and find Vinny has put one of Paul’s bets on. Is Vinny turning into his dad?

Is Mandy in danger? (Credit: ITV)

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Desperate to take the financial pressure off  Vinny’s shoulders, Mandy does a deal with Mack. But will she regret getting involved?

Soon Mandy’s actions with one of Mack’s associates leaves both of them in grave danger.

4. Tracy finds a lump on baby Frankie

Nate is injured (Credit: ITV)

In upcoming scenes, Nate is left injured after David accidentally runs over his foot.

Nate’s injury leaves him unable to help Tracy as much with their daughter.

Tracy finds a lump on Frankie’s tummy (Credit: ITV)

Tracy feels increasingly under strain. But later Tracy is worried when she discovers a lump on Frankie’s tummy.

She soon takes her daughter to the doctor. Is Frankie going to be okay?

5. Romance for Priya and Ellis?

Will Priya and Ellis get together? (Credit: ITV)

Ellis still has his eye on Priya. Meanwhile Cathy is using April to get close to Ellis.

April later puts a note in a bag full of Ellis’s favourite sweets.

Will April tell Ellis the truth? (Credit: ITV)

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When he gets home he tells her they were left by the front door. He reads the note and hopes it came from Priya.

But when he confronts Priya, Cathy and April listen-in. Will Ellis and Priya get together?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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