Casualty SPOILERS: Ambushed Faith to lose her job as well as her marriage?

17 Apr 2021, 17:30
17 Apr 2021, 15:27

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Casualty spoilers have revealed Faith might lose her job as well as her marriage.

The nurse’s marriage has been hanging by a thread after she discovered husband Lev was secretly gay and had cheated on her with another man.

Lev is outed by Faith after he annoys her (Credit: BBC)

After that she grew closer with Dylan – but the pair ended things after her children found out.

Now tonight she will be touched when Lev hands her a bacon sandwich from their children.

She thinks it’s a sign they are starting to forgive her. However when it becomes clear they have played a disgusting prank on her with the sandwich, she’s devastated.

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And when Lev refuses to tell them about Faith and Dylan being over – she’s furious to realise she’s being forced to take the blame for their split to hide Lev’s secret.

Faith decides to proceed with divorcing Lev. But later Lev makes things difficult for her over childcare.

At work, Faith becomes involved with a patient called James and tries to orchestrate a reunion between him and his estranged mum Marie.

However when she learns that they were estranged because James has sexual feelings towards children and he wanted to leave so he would never act on them.

But when Lev makes a tasteless joke about James, Faith loses it.

She tells him – and those watching – that at least James can be honest about himself.

Faith is at risk of losing everything in the Casualty spoilers (Credit: BBC)

Casualty spoilers reveal moment Faith snaps at Lev

Faith then stops protecting Lev and tells everyone that her husband is gay and cheated on her with another man.

It turns out to be a major misstep. She is later called into Jacob’s office and he reprimands her.

Faith tries to insist it was just a marital spat, but Jacob doesn’t see it that way.

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He tells her it’s not appropriate to do that during work hours or in the hospital.

Jacob then forces her to take mandatory leave from her job until she deals with her issues.

But will she lose her job as well as her marriage?

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