Gogglebox star Mary Killen once came ‘close to death’ after contracting disease

16 Apr 2021, 17:23

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Gogglebox star Mary Killen once revealed she had a horrifying brush with death, after contracting Legionnaires’ disease.

The Channel 4 favourite, 68, appears alongside husband Giles on the popular reality series.

But while Mary appears fit and healthy now, she previously came “close to death” over 20 years ago.

Gogglebox’s Mary Killen once came ‘close to death’ (Credit: Channel 4)

What did Gogglebox star Mary Killen say?

Speaking to The Guardian, Mary opened up on the terrifying experience.

She said: “The closest I’ve come to death was contracting Legionnaires’ disease in 1999.

“I caught it from air conditioning in the Bahamas and developed something called Beau’s lines: white ridges across the fingernails which are a sign that your body’s shutting down for death.”

It knocked the stuffing out of me

In addition, Mary added: “It knocked the stuffing out of me.

“I’ve never been quite the same since.”

Legionaries’ disease is a lung infection which can be caught by breathing in water droplets containing bacteria.

Mary appears alongside husband Giles on Gogglebox (Credit: Channel 4)

Ever since they joined the cast of Gogglebox back in 2015, Mary and Giles have won over the nation.

And thankfully for the Channel 4 show, the pair are stronger than ever.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Mary admitted taking part in Gogglebox “saved” their marriage.

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She told the publication: “Giles and I were like ships that pass in the night.

“I got up early, he went to bed late and we rarely even ate together.”

The pair met when they were 21 and have been married for more than 30 years.

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What’s the latest news on Gogglebox?

Meanwhile, last month, Mary was forced to tell off her husband over his views on Prince Phillip.

At the time, the Duke of Edinburgh, who died last week, was leaving hospital after a month-long stay.

Commenting on his appearance on Gogglebox, Mary said: “He looks a bit different there.”

It was then Giles chipped in: “He looks a bit reptilian.”

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The TV report then went onto explain that the Duke was only 90 days away from his 100th birthday, a milestone he was determined to celebrate.

“Let’s just hope he doesn’t choke on a lozenge, Mary,” Giles added.

However, Mary snapped back: “Oh stop being nasty. Why would he even have a lozenge?”

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