Carla Connor and Peter Barlow relationship: when did they get together and who have they cheated with?

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Carla Connor and Peter Barlow may seem like the unlikeliest of Coronation Street couples – but somehow they’ve managed an on-and-off relationship for over a decade now.

They seem worlds apart – Carla a hard-nosed businesswoman and Pete a former sailor in The Navy – but their onscreen chemistry is undeniable.

And with multiple marriages and divorces between them and individual struggles with alcoholism they have more in common than you might initially think.

So just when did these two get together on the cobbles? And why did they first divorce? Let’s take a look at their very rocky relationship through the years…

Carla’s been consistently unlucky in love on Coronation Street (Credit: ITV)

When did Carla and Peter Barlow start dating?

Carla and Peter first grew romantically close when she started attending AA meetings together.

A long time Alcoholics Anonymous member, Peter took Carla under his wing and offered to mentor her towards sobriety.

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He was with Leanne Battersby at the time, but soon declared his feelings for Carla and vice versa.

During the infamous ‘Tram Crash Week’ of 2010, Carla revealed her feelings for Peter to a devastated Leanne.

In 2011 she became engaged to abuser Frank Foster, while beginning a secret affair with Peter.

But after Carla cancelled their wedding, evil Frank raped her.

After he was arrested, she soon started an open relationship with Peter.

Can’t seem to live with one another or without each other… (Credit: ITV)

When did Carla and Pete marry?

In 2013, they married. Carla was back on the booze and passed out drunk at their wedding.

A sober Peter made his move on Tina McIntyre and they embarked on a steamy affair.

Months later Tina was murdered by Rob Donovan.

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After the affair was exposed followed by the murder, Carla suffered a miscarriage.

They subsequently divorce, and Peter disappeared to Portsmouth.

Carla and Peter at their first wedding (Credit: ITV)

Fast forward to 2018 and they both returned to Coronation Street.

They deliberately avoided one another’s company at first.

However, Carla had an unexpected fling with his brother Daniel Osbourne.

And Peter started a relationship with Toyah Battersby – his ex-wife Leanne’s stepsister.

The following year Carla suffered a psychotic break and ended up living on the streets.

Peter came to her rescue and vowed to care for her. They rekindled their relationship but of course struggles and arguments ensued.

Are they getting married again?

Finally this year they plan to remarry once more. Peter relapsed with alcohol and he’s told he needs a liver transplant.

They plan to marry in haste as life could clearly be cut short for Pete – but will he survive his wedding day?

They are set to marry once again (Credit: ITV)

Who else have they been married to?

Carla has been previously married to Paul Connor, Tony Gordon and Nick Tilsley.

While Peter’s past marriages are even more numerous. He’s an exposed bigamist, having been married to Shelley Unwin and Lucy Richards at the same time.

His first ever wife was Jessica Midgeley and he later married Leanne Battersby and finally Carla.

Do Carla and Peter have any children?

Carla and Peter do not have any children together.

As Carla suffered a miscarriage when she was pregnant with Peter’s child.

Peter has one living son, Simon.

While his ex, Toyah Battersby, had their stillborn son in 2018.

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