Connie in Too Close: Actress Denise Gough has a famous TV star sister but what else has she been in?

12 Apr 2021, 20:30
12 Apr 2021, 21:25

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New ITV drama Too Close will suck viewers in from the opening scene and be mesmerised by Connie Mortenson, played by actress Denise Gough.

Denise gives a mesmerising performance as a mother who is locked up in a psychiatric unit after she drives into a river with two kids in her car.

Read on to learn more about the tense drama and Denise’s other roles.

Denise Gough as Connie in Too Close

Denise Gough will leave viewers uncomfortable with her portrayal of Connie Mortensen in Too Close (Credit: ITV)

Connie Mortensen is held in a secure hospital accused of a terrible crime she claims not to remember. She develops an intense relationship with her psychiatrist, played by Emily Watson.

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Denise says: ‘You meet Connie after she has done something horrendous. She has driven a car off a bridge with two young children in the back and is now in a psychiatric unit.

“But we also see where she was before this happened… She had a stable marriage, raising her children, maybe a little bit disillusioned. And then you have to watch it to see why.”

Is Denise Gough Irish?

 She was born in Ennis in County Clare, in 1980, number seven out of twelve children.

As a child she trained as a singer before running away to London, aged 16, to ‘follow a boy’ and spent six years living in rat-infested squats.

“I am aware how fortunate I am, other girls died in those situation,” she has said of her past.

After getting a scholarship to drama school she spent 15 years in the theatre and as a jobbing actress, getting by with cleaning and nannying jobs. 

What was Denise Gough’s big break?

Denise Gough as Emma in the play People, Places and Things (Credit: Photographer Alastair Muir)

She played drug addicted actress Emma in stage show People, Places and Things at the National Theatre. Her electrifying performance won an Olivier award and rave reviews.

Are Denise Gough and Kelly Gough related?

Yes, actress Kelly is Denise’s young sister, at 33 she is eight years younger than her famous sibling. Kelly starred as Violette Spark in Casualty as well as playing Kate Kelly in series Raw, shown in the sisters’ native Ireland. 

Is Denise Gough married and does she have kids?

Denise is very tight-lipped about her private life. Back in 2017 she admitted to having a boyfriend who she described as ‘a lovely man’ and ‘brilliant’ but, other than confirming he was also in the industry, she didn’t give any more away.

What else has Denise Gough been in on TV?

Denise Gough in Paula on BBC2 in 2017 (Credit: BBC)

In the past Denise has appeared on shows such as Casualty, The Bill, Holby City and Silent Witness.

You may remember her starring role in Paula, the pitch-black BBC2 drama, in which she played a teacher who had a fling with Tom Hughes’ sinister odd-job man.

“I like playing women who aren’t apologetic for the things they do in their lives, they’re just living like everyone else and making a load of screw-ups along the way,” she said of her titular role. 

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Is Denise Gough teetotal?

Having once described herself as a ‘wild, wild teenager’, she doesn’t drink anymore, doesn’t smoke and meditates daily.

Is Denise Gough in Star Wars?

She will be – it is her next project. “I’m now going into space to do the opposite of what I’ve just done. I’m really excited about it. We’re filming that at Pinewood Studios… It is going to be quite cool.” she said. 

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