Good Morning Britain host Susanna Reid reveals she used to leave studio in tears

27 Feb 2021, 16:26

Good Morning Britain, Piers Morgan, Susanna Reid

Good Morning Britain host Susanna Reid has revealed she used to go home in tears after receiving abuse from online trolls because she worked with Piers Morgan.

In a new interview, the 50-year-old breakfast TV presenter described Piers as a “pincushion” and recalled how the abuse sometimes got too much.

Susanna called Piers a ‘pincushion’ (Credit: ITV)

What did Good Morning Britain star Susanna Reid say in the interview?

Susanna spoke to The Times newspaper about her onscreen relationship with Piers.

“Ben Shephard is much more like a warm hug, whereas Piers Morgan is like sitting next to a pincushion,” she said.

“We do fight like Punch and Judy, verbally. We’re sparring all the time.”

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Susanna also revealed that during her early days presenting with Piers, she would receive abuse from trolls online.

“I used to get a lot of targeted abuse because someone didn’t like what the person sitting next to me said.”

So much so, Susanna revealed, that she often used to go home and burst into tears because of the abuse. Many of those who went after her online were people Piers had blocked.

I’m Susanna Reid – clear as day from my Twitter profile. But who “the hell” are you?

— Susanna Reid (@susannareid100) February 20, 2021

Susanna is still shutting down trolls

Even now, as the pair have become one of the country’s most beloved TV double acts, Susanna still has to fight off trolls.

Only last week (February 21), the star had to shut down a keyboard warrior on social media.

Susanna shared her belief on GMB that teachers and key, front-line workers should’ve received a COVID vaccine at the start of the process.

I’m Susanna Reid – clear as day from my Twitter profile.

However, a troll barked back: “Who the hell do you think you are?”

Susanna responded bluntly: “I’m Susanna Reid – clear as day from my Twitter profile.

“But who ‘the hell’ are you?”

Susann dealt with the troll in spectacular fashion (Credit:

What happened to Piers and the death threat?

It’s not just Susanna who has received abuse.

Her GMB co-host Piers also revealed that he was sent a death threat via Instagram.

After the follower sent him the threat, Piers addressed the situation live on air.

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“You can say what you want, you can have opinions, but you’re not allowed to issue death threats to people,” he told viewers.

“So I called the police, the police came around, took it very seriously, thank you to the police [who are] investigating this.”

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