Michael Mosley: How much weight has Lose A Stone in 21 Days host lost?

25 Feb 2021, 19:36

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Michael Mosley is best known for his show Lose A Stone in 21 Days on Channel 4.

The weight loss programme sees the former doctor devise a plan to help volunteers get their health back on track.

But who is the presenter and how much weight has he actually lost?

Michael Mosley is best known for his show Lose A Stone in 21 Days (Credit: Channel 4)

Who is Michael Mosley?

The TV medic behind the series is known for popularising the 5:2 diet.

Michael, 63, first launched the diet revolution several years ago.

 The 5:2 diet involves eating normally for five days per week, then restricting your calorie intake on the remaining days.

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Many people find this way of eating to be easier to stick to than a calorie-restricted diet.

Before making a start in the diet world, Michael studied philosophy, politics and economics at New College, Oxford.

He later worked as a banker in London before moving onto medicine.

The TV medic is devoted to helping people lose weight (Credit: Channel 4)

What else has the Channel 4 star appeared in?

The former doctor has presented a number of TV shows.

These include Blood and Guts, Medical Mavericks and The Story of Science.

Meanwhile, in 2011, he hosted a two-part documentary called Frontline Medicine for BBC Two.

After appearing in Eat, Fast and Live Longer in 2012, Michael went on to publish a book called The Fast Diet.

Michael also fronts the BBC show, The Diagnosis Detectives, alongside a team of experts.

His other TV work includes The One Show and Trust Me I’m a Doctor.

Michael has previously worked alongside his wife Clare (Credit: Channel 4)

Is Michael Mosley married?

The TV medic is happily married to GP wife Clare Bailey.

As well as being a practicing GP, she is also a parenting expert.

The pair have four children together.

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Michael previously revealed his son Dan may have caught coronavirus during the first lockdown.

He told the Mail On Sunday: “I think my son Dan came down with Covid19 a few weeks ago. He got it from his flatmates who are doctors.

“Dan was moderately ill for a couple of days with a fever and cough. He’s fine now, apart from his sense of taste which is slowly coming back.”

Found old photos of me at 18 and then at 50, before I lost 10kg on Fast Diet and reversed diabetes (type 2) pic.twitter.com/TGAKL7QzzA

— Michael Mosley (@DrMichaelMosley) February 27, 2016

Furthermore, he shared: “I can only guess that my wife and I may have had it. We were reasonably careful around him, but not that careful, yet neither of us came down with anything alarming.

“Another of my sons, Jack, has just started working in an intensive care unit as a junior doctor. I’m obviously anxious about him.”

The family currently live in Buckinghamshire.

How much weight has Michael Mosley lost? Are his diets safe?

As well as looking out for the public, the broadcaster and presenter is mindful of his own health.

After discovering he had type 2 diabetes, he started researching ways to help improve his blood-sugar levels.

Michael started his healthy lifestyle by taking part in 5:2 intermittent fasting.

As a result of the diet, Michael lost 1.4 stone and reversed his diabetes.

Meanwhile, back in 2019, the TV star put on a stone to help test out a new diet regime, the Fast 800 plan.

Speaking about the results, he told the Mail Online: “Three weeks and five days after I started, I had lost a stone, and was back to my previous healthy weight.”

Three weeks and five days after I started, I had lost a stone, and was back to my previous healthy weight

Furthermore, Michael previously hit back at comments his diets were “unsafe” and harmful to people with eating disorders.

He tweeted: “I do understand that eating disorders are complex, distressing and very dangerous.

“That said, the 800 calorie approach has been used in randomised controlled trials involving over 800 patients and the benefits for those who are overweight or obese are striking.”

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