Bradley Walsh loses it on The Chase over cheeky ‘furry clam’ question

Bradley Walsh has fallen victim to innuendos on The Chase before, but the most recent one was hard to beat.

The presenter lost his cool and couldn’t stop laughing over a set of answers on the show.

And to be fair, they were a bit on the saucy side.

Bradley struggled to keep a straight face (Credit: ITV)

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Chinese delicacy

Contestant Janette had been playing against The Beast for £7,000 when she came upon a question about crustaceans.

The question read: “Which of these is a crustacean regarded as a delicacy in eastern China?”

Bradley began reading the answers out loud.

However, he was forced to stop when he got to “furry clam”.

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The first answer was rich in innuendo itself – hairy crab.

But it seems that furry clam was just too much for poor Bradley to take.

This isn’t the first time that Bradley Walsh has got the giggles on The Chase (Credit: ITV)

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Bursting into a fit of laughter, he just folded his arms and looked at Janette, continuing to giggle.

Then Bradley tried reading out the answers again slowly as The Beast grinned at him.

He managed it, just about – but then had to look away to stop himself from giggling again.

Thankfully, Janette kept her cool.

The Beast faced his own battle to keep a straight face (Credit: ITV)

She chose the correct answer – hairy crab.

But while she managed to win that round with The Beast, she unfortunately didn’t beat him in The Final Chase.

Fits of giggles

Bradley is no stranger to laughing fits on the ITV quiz show.

He famously lost it before when faced with the question: “In what sport does Fanny Chmelar compete for Germany?”

On that occasion, he managed to read the question and potential answers out ok,

When it came to the time to hear the contestant’s answer however, he lost it completely.

Bradley, we feel for you.

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