Shy Glizzy – Profanity Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Yeah Young Jefe, holmes La música de Harry Fraud [Chorus] We got automatics, no, we don’t need a manual I like to rock animals with Eric Emanuel Always late for dinner, she take too long at the vanity This the life of a sinner, I use too much profanity Fuck these haters, I can never get with ’em I’ma keep […]

Shy Glizzy – Ohana Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Yeah La música de Harry Fraud Ohana, yeah [Chorus] I ain’t had nobody teach me right, streets took my father The judge gave my cousin life, the fuck you mean, your honor? Yeah, I love my granny so much, she had my mama And my auntie super supportive, that’s my Ohana My lil’ brother used to play sports, now he […]

BONES – BodyCloseToMine Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1] I wanna feel your body close to mine First time I met you Your beauty almost made me pine Now all I want is your body close to mine I swear on everything I will do you right Let’s take it slow baby I’m gonna take my time On you tonight, baby Underneath the candle light Let’s get this […]

BONES – 48843 Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] SESH [Verse 1] Who’s the wildman now? I’m Rudy Ruettiger I’ll put you on ya back And now the doctor gotta suture Yeah, I’m loaded but won’t shoot at ya Got a razor in my boot for ya I throw them bows like Luda (uh) We pull up, change the temperature Real motherfucker, you disloyal I put you on, embrace […]

Lil Tecca – Shots Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Internet Money, bitch We love you, Tecca [Chorus] Yeah, ooh, I got hella niggas with the shits Nigga run up on me, all my niggas ’bout to shoot Talking on the ‘Gram, catch a deuce We can get in tune, nigga, what you wanna do? Nigga, you ain’t even have a clue ‘Cause I got shottas on me Sending shots, […]

Lil Tecca – Sidenote Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Yeah [Chorus] I just be chasin’ my bag, hello I just came for the racks, I’m gone Yeah, she used to throw me, now she really want me I can tell that she mad I’m on I just be mixin’ the BAPE with Vlone I wish that some niggas would leave me alone Use to finesse the niggas, now singin’ […]

Lil Tecca – Weatherman Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] CashMoneyAP Ahh-ah Ahh-ah Ahh-ah Ahh-ah Big Boy on the track Yeah [Chorus] She got green eyes, she think that she innocent Men in Black so I know I can’t let ’em in Get her wet, now I feel like the weatherman Bitch, I’m on top, I can’t settle with settlements You said that he talkin’, then get him in That […]

Witt Lowry – Proud Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1] The one and only Witt Lowry, some people call me Lowry You talk a lot of shit when you don’t even fuckin’ know me A bunch of fuckin’ actors, think you all should win a Tony Said I signed a fuckin’ deal, like “Where, bitch? Show me!” You became a fuckin’ critic ’cause you lack any skill Tried to […]

Witt Lowry – Reaper Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Yeah! [Verse 1] I just don’t fit in with you other motherfuckers just stuck in the same home Only been livin’ here for a day and look how I’ve grown Can make myself comfy, I’m better off all alone And what’s with all of the wind? Since I’ve got here it’s been blowin’ But fuck it, this’ll do, and between […]

Witt Lowry – Yikes Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Yeah! [Verse 1] I’ve been wearin’ this same outfit for the last three days Like, “Bitch, do I look I care?” Nah, I never signed a deal, always independent Like, “Bitch, do I look like I share?” Nah, always playing games, always playing wit’ me Like, “Bitch, do I look like a fair?” Nah, always steppin’ on me, it’s sleepin’ […]

SiR – La Lisa Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1: SiR] No, it ain’t a question, not even an issue Nobody knows you like I know ya’ You grew up on Queen Street, your dad is a gangsta’ But he’s gettin’ rolled up You’re was in love with the street life Used to seein’ niggas [?] the heath right Live parties and street fights Hangin’ with the players, got […]

Matoma – All Around the World Lyrics

Play this song [verse 1] You and me were never meant to be forever, na, na Take control for one night you and I can head home together Bring some energy put some memories in my mind Dancing in the moonlight, don’t be polite, it’s not or never [Pre-Chorus] The way you roll your eyes So low I get so high I think you’re […]

Dax – Wack Ass Rappers 2 Lyrics

Play this song [Verse] Put a couple bitch niggas on, now they talk back Now they pray on my fall, better fall back Hit ’em whip ’em dismissing ’em all never call back Stumble mumbling niggas with words what you call rap Man this shit is a catastrophe My next bars coming up are an analogy of savagery The blood straight thicker than water […]

Justine Skye – Bulletproof Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1] Them, want me, but you (You), know me You’re my no place like home (Home) You’re the type to take control, I know (I know) So me lay up on your bed (Ay, ay, ay) All rachet for my baby (Ay, ay, ay) You don’t rest until we But we’re bulletproof, no army [Pre-Chorus] Bitches runnin’ ’round sayin’ they […]

Big Sean – Bezerk Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: A$AP Ferg & Big Sean] Yeah, yeah (Hit-Boy) Woah, yeah, yeah Sean, what up nigga? (Sean, what up nigga?) Yeah (Yeah) Yeah, yeah Lil’ bitch [Verse 1: A$AP Ferg & Big Sean] Couple riders with them llamas if you pick a bone wit’ me Put my bitch up on designer, got Balenci’ on her feet My momma say a couple […]

Juice WRLD – Don’t Got Time Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Hit-Boy Max Lord look like “Oh, it’s one of those” Look foe, Max look Huh, uh I’ma just kick back and sip my tea nigga Hot tea [Chorus] I’m sick and tired of the hoes on my line I’ma Tony Hawk a song, ’cause I’m on my grind Bitch I transform up in that ghost, Optimus Prime And these hoes […]

Patient Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Che Ecru] Ooh [Verse 1: Chre Ecru] Can you blow smoke with me bae? Come and smoke with me bae Know I’m up all night Know you see my eye I know you wanna take a ride wit’ me bae, can we do it please? I know your type Money is a thing that you like But money can’t keep […]

Jeezy – All Night Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Jeezy] Yeah Anybody seen my drink? Oh, we goin’ all night tonight (Oh‚ I got it) I’m on that white though All night‚ nigga Nah‚ for real though Talk to ’em, nigga [Refrain: Jeezy] I’m talkin’ breakin’ down a brick, yeah‚ to hit a lick, yeah In love with the bitch, but she still a trick‚ yeah (Yeah) That ass […]

Jeezy – ’06 Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Jeezy] Let that shit rock for a minute, nigga It’s 104, nigga It’s gangster shit, nigga [Chorus: Jeezy] We keep them thangs cocked (Yeah) We hit and we don’t miss (Don’t miss) Check out this bad bitch (Yeah) We fuck but we don’t kiss (Don’t kiss) Watch is a plain Jane (Yeah) Cost me like 4 […]

Jidenna – 85 to Africa Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1] Uh, yeah I need a new conversation I need a new obligation Sick of niggas consumed by the matrix And their white people rude allegations I took my crew on vacation [?], amazed them Uh, now they gon’ do DNA shit Most of y’all hopin’ you are from Lagos Used to hope we were cool like Jamaicans Barbancourt ’cause […]

Jeezy – Already Rich Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Jeezy] 104 [Chorus: CeeLo Green & Jeezy] You’ve got mansions, homie, and diamonds too Maybe that’s the reason that she’s digging you You got all the riches, baby, don’t be surprised (It’s yours, nigga) Got millions in your heart (Gold in your head, gold in your head) [Verse 1: Jeezy] Who gives a fuck if you […]

Jeezy – Don’t Make Me Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Yeah Justice League We’re here now We’re here Yeah Hundred and three plus one, yeah Don’t make me do it Yeah‚ ’cause you know I will‚ nigga [Chorus] China from China (China from China) My shit’s designer (My shit designer) I came from nothin’ (I came from nothin’) Thought I’d remind ya (Thought I’d remind ya) My hustle soared (My […]

Jeezy – Oh Yea Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Jeezy] Yeah, yeah, yeah Alright, alright 104 Oh yeah Yeah, what’s up? Uh, uh [Chorus: Ball Greezy] Oh yeah, why the nigga gun on him? Why his AK got a drum on it? Oh yeah, why the nigga still in the game? Why the nigga sell cocaine? Oh yeah, why you still sell crack? (Crack) Why the nigga still in […]

Jeezy – Play It Safe Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Jeezy] Yeah, what’s up? Uh-huh It’s 104, nigga, yeah Never play it safe (Yeah, yeah, yeah) [Chorus: Noah Scharf & Jeezy] Girl, you got a lot of issues (Yeah, what’s up?) Like damn Wonder why I ain’t fuckin’ with you (Wonder why I ain’t fuckin’ with you, yeah, what’s up? What’s up?) Oh, man Know they couldn’t walk a mile […]