Badflower – Murder Games Lyrics

[Verse 1] How can we live with each other? How can we face one another? Heavy is the sound of the slaughter So save another bite for your daughter [Refrain] Your murder games, murder games Murder games, murder games Murder games, murder games Murder games, murder games Murder [Verse 2] How can we lie to each other? When are we […]

Gunna – Who You Foolin Lyrics

[Intro] Wheezy outta here Huh, uh [Chorus] Who you think you foolin’? We not new to it We countin’ fluent I’m scammin’ a wood, my cup full of mud I came out the hood Sometimes a gangsta need a hug I’ma give all my problems above Hate when people keep doin’ too much Keep it real, the streets show you […]

Gunna – Cash War Lyrics

[Intro] Wheezy outta here [Chorus] Lotta money, I can have a cash war Flew back across the water with a passport (Ah) Lamborghini Uru is a fast car (Fast) I’m around the world, securin’ me a bag, boy (Boy) Call the bro neighbor like he next door (Next) Rolls Royce, got carpet on the floorboard (Woo) Hundred thousand dollars on […]

Gunna – Baby Birkin Lyrics

[Intro] Wheezy outta here [Chorus] I know my purpose European car, it came with curtains (Yeah) I have a daughter, I’m buying her baby Birkin (Baby Birkin) Fucked her good and got her legs hurtin’ (Yeah) Found our way then got them Ms early (Ms) Southside nigga from the dirty-dirty (South) Paranoid, I keep a loaded .30 To count the […]

Gunna – Wit It Lyrics

[Intro] Wheezy outta here [Chorus] I see you with it, I’m with it, my nigga, let’s get it Bankroll got hundreds and fifties All too familiar, admit it, I’m truly committed My palms consistently itching Served out the kitchen, relentless, we chasing these benjis Back to back Maybachs and Bentleys Shows back to back, my coupe paid off commission [Verse […]

Gunna – Derek Fisher Lyrics

[Intro] Makers Run that back, Turbo [Chorus: Gunna] Hesitation, wipe the tears from your eye (Tears from your eyes) Wish I still could see you, my dawgs livin’ in the sky (My dawgs livin’ in the sky) You get your wish, we got them sticks and we gon’ slide (We gon’ slide) Keep yourself a pistol and make sure you […]

Offset – Quarter Milli Lyrics

[Intro: Offset] Yeah, Metro, Metro-Set You know what it is, uh Uh, yeah (Woo, woo, woo) [Chorus: Offset] I made a whole mil’ off of the dribble (M&M) Bought a Richard Mille, quarter milli’ (Richard Mille) Sippin’ out the seal, hurt the kidneys (Sippin’, seal) Trappin’ Bobby, R.I.P to Whitney (Brown) Lamborghini, 12 come get me (12) Audemar Piguets, one-fifty […]

Gunna – Idk Why Lyrics

[Intro] Wheezy outta here [Chorus] All I know is grind (Grind) Wonder why the Lord steady sendin’ me blessings, I don’t know why (Don’t know why) Mama thanked me for her purse And looked me in my face and then she started cryin’ (Started cryin’) My talent take me different places I can say lately I’ve been dodgin’ crime (Lately […]

Rak-Su – Blood Ties Lyrics

[Intro: Ashley] Rak-Su, Rak-Su [Pre-Chorus: Jamaal] They know we got them blood ties (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) Loyalty’s a way of life (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) I got your back, you got mine (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) Through the rain and the sunshine, still won’t change where my love lies (Blood ties) [Chorus: Ashley] Brothers for life […]

Gunna – Richard Millie Plain Lyrics

[Intro] Playmakers Run that back, Turbo [Pre-Chorus] Did the dash and I blowed the brains (Dash and I blowed the brain) Countin’ cash on a private plane (Countin’ cash on a private plane, uh) Couple M’s on the sound exchange (Couple M’s on the sound exchange) Richard Millie, no time to explain (Richard Millie, no time to explain) [Chorus] Ah, […]

Offset – North Star Lyrics

[Intro: Offset] Shit got real, we was standin’ in the rain, woah (Real) I got four kids, know we need to spend some time, oh [Verse 1: Offset] I’m grindin’ without the sleep (Hey) I pray to get out of the street I sit back and watch and see (Watch) They plot they enemies (Plot) They try to split the […]

Maren Morris – The Bones Lyrics

[Verse 1] We’re in the homestretch of the hard times We took a hard left, but we’re alright Yeah, life sure can try to put love through it, but We built this right, so nothing’s ever gonna move it [Chorus] When the bones are good, the rest don’t matter Yeah, the paint could peel, the glass could shatter Let it […]

Weezer – High as a Kite Lyrics

[Verse 1] I think I’m going parasailing Miles above, it’s so serene I’m letting go of all the troubles That I’ve seen, that I’ve seen Way up here, no one can touch me I’m drifting like a lost balloon I’m out of reach, won’t be coming down Any time soon, any time soon [Chorus] I’m high as a kite Don’t […]

Gunna – Yao Ming Lyrics

[Intro] Yeah, yeah Yeah, uh [Chorus] Yao Ming, this money tall (This money tall) I just checked the stats, niggas still waitin’ on me to fall (Fall) Bitch got drip like me, walkin’ out in Louis leotard (Yeah) These Turbo Wheezy wave beats got me singin’ to the top (Top) Bedspread (Spread), Medusa head matchin’ my drawers (My drawers) Amiri […]

Lil Pump – Nu Uh Lyrics

[Intro] Don’t talk to me, nuh-huh, nuh-uh, nuh-uh Uh-huh, chyeah, ooh, brrt, Lil Pump Ooh (Danny, I see you) Ooh (Hehehehe, Misogi) [Chorus] Don’t talk to me, nuh-uh (Nuh-uh) Don’t stare at me, nuh-uh (Ooh) Yeah, I done glowed up (Chyeah) Then I fucked your bitch, uh-huh (Uh-huh) What’s your name? Lil Pump (Brrt) Told that bitch shut up (Chyeah) […]

Gunna – Outstanding Lyrics

[Intro] Yeah, yeah, man you know what I’m sayin’ Makers Young Gunna, Gunna, you know what I’m sayin’, yeah Run that back, Turbo [Chorus] When I made my first million (Million) I ain’t panic (I ain’t panic) I only drank out the seal Now I’m done with Xannies (Done with Xannies) I bought my mama a crib, I’m outstanding (I’m […]

Offset – Father of 4 Lyrics

[Intro: Big Rube] Yeah, you already know what it is (Swerve) It’s noisy off the set path How can I make choices I’ve yet to discover we have? Must need rehab If you think you know me from the facets they show these folks to get money, I gotta laugh How funny it is you don’t realize the skill lies […]

Offset – How Did I Get Here Lyrics

[Intro: Offset] Uh, nobody, you know what I’m sayin’, nobody, nobody thought a nigga would be right here, though, you know That shit make like, that shit make, that shit make a difference in me and you You was supposed to be here, nigga Nigga, I wasn’t ‘posed to be in this motherfucker Man, you know what I’m sayin’ Give […]

Gunna – 3 Headed Snake Lyrics

[Intro: Gunna] Aimin’ at a date, aimin’ at a Wraith, aimin’ at a gate, mmh Aimin’ at a date, aimin’ at a Wraith, aimin’ at a gate, mmh Aimin’ at a date, aimin’ at a Wraith, aimin’ at a gate, mmh Aimin’ at a date, aimin’ at a Wraith, aimin’ at a gate [Verse 1: Young Thug] Shit, me, Gunna, […]