Victory Worship – Tribes Lyrics

[Verse] Every tribe will see Your glory Every nation bow before You All our treasure turned to ashes In the light of You [Pre-Chorus] As we’re singing Holy is the Lord Almighty Only You are worthy Worthy of it all [Verse] Every tribe will see Your glory Every nation bow before You, ohh-oh-oh-ohh All our treasure turned to ashes In […]

Yung Bans – No Lip Lyrics

[Intro: Yung Bans] In this lil’ boy In this lil’ boy In this lil’ boy, [?] Imma do these drugs, [?] [?] [Chorus: Yung Bans] Hey, check out this drip, bitch Don’t give me no lip, bitch I don’t wanna kiss, make her suck on this dick tip Heard you got my name in your mouth, talkin’ like a bitch […]

Tory Lanez – Don Queen (Don Q Diss) Lyrics

[Skit: Nicki Minaj & Funkmaster Flex] —Don’t gotta do that And Don Q together Who’s that? Yeah, yeah, because they was—they… Who’s that? [Intro] Yo, we only doin’ this shit once It get real frightening, you know? I get real disrespectful when niggas get neglectful of what we do over here Highbridge stand the fuck up, yeah Canada! [Verse] Uh, […]

Julia Michaels – Happy Lyrics

[Intro] Ayy [Verse 1] Don’t kiss in front of me, it makes me sick I’m not bitter, well, maybe a little bit I’d sniff glitter if it’d help me feel something real And if it was my birthday, I’d make a wish To not be bitter ’cause I’m getting sick of this I’d skip dinner if it’d help me feel […]

Julia Michaels – Deep Lyrics

[Verse 1] I’m tryna come up with a systematic approach To love you and let you go But you’re cloudin’ up my judgement every time You give me chills when you look at me like that I don’t know how I feel Nobody, nobody’s deep, deep, deep, deep Deep, deep, deep [Chorus] Somebody left me feeling empty And somebody ripped […]

Julia Michaels – Into You Lyrics

[Verse 1] Haven’t been to my favorite restaurant in months I can’t drive down Santa Monica without thinkin’ ’bout ya And what you’re doin’ now I thought about movin’ to a different state A different country, yeah, maybe that’d be better So I’m not around you [Pre-Chorus] I wish we didn’t have so many friends in common I wish we […]

Julia Michaels – Apple Lyrics

[Chorus] Oh, I’d rather be kissing in Summer, so innocent In your apartment on the weekends Lift up my dress to see where you’ve been That’s what I want and that’s where I am Bite off an apple right from your fridge Come here and taste it right off my lips Spill your emotions into my hands That’s what I […]

Ruth B. – Slow Fade Lyrics

[Verse 1] Late nights, are you sleepless too? Wide awake in the starless blue Staring up at the ceiling Do you feel what I’m feeling? Little fights at the weekend do You love me better when I’m not with you We were built like concrete I used to know your heartbeat [Pre-Chorus] The light has disappeared The dust has settled […]

Lil Skies – Elastic Lyrics

[Chorus] Getting so rich, money going elastic Music never recycled, no I’m not plastic The way I come up with these, they think it’s magic When you’re on the come up, everything’s drastic [Verse 1] Can’t wait to I diminish Not at the top so I still can’t finish Finishing my work gonna prosper Making my music act proper Kill […]

Weezer – Take on Me Lyrics

[Verse 1] We’re talking away I don’t know what I’m to say I’ll say it anyway Today’s another day to find you Shying away I’ll be coming for your love, okay? [Chorus] Take on me (take on me) Take me on (take on me) I’ll be gone In a day or two [Verse 2] So needless to say I’m odds […]

Weezer – Paranoid Lyrics

[Verse 1] Finished with my woman, ’cause she couldn’t help me With my mind People think I’m insane because I am frowning All the time All day long, I think of things, but nothing seems To satisfy Think I’ll lose my mind if I don’t find something To pacify [Chorus] Can you help me Occupy my brain? Oh, yeah! [Verse […]

Dreezy – Play Wit Ya Lyrics

[Intro] Day trip took it to 10 [Chorus] Don’t give no fuck off the Henny Drinking it right out the pitcher (Yeah) Pop a little bitch, photobomb Croppin’ you right out the picture (Cut It) Hot but can’t get my number (No) I curve him as soo as he pitch (Sorry) Head-to-toe in Saint Laurent (Drip) I didn’t come to […]

Rico Nasty – HARD Lyrics

[Intro] Yeah, you know I don’t never know what to say right here [?] took it to town [Chorus] Bitch, I be goin’ HARD I getcho nigga HARD This blunt is hittin’ HARD And what I’m whippin’, HARD Bitch, I be goin’ HARD I got yo nigga HARD This blunt I’m hittin’ HARD And what I’m whippin’, HARD [Verse 1] […]

Eminem – Biterphobia Lyrics

Sneaking through the back door,fruity MC is getting ambushed Rammed and sqooushed,slammed and pushed,crammed and mushed Then I’m movin on down to right to left So bite the meth or prepare to fight to death To get jacked, attacked and cracked in two Smacking through, till your black and blue for actin true I’m dreaded like a man whose hair […]

Migos – Naw, Naw Lyrics

[Chorus: Quavo] Your bitch, she wet, she leakin Na, for real Don’t fuck with you niggas, you sneakin Na, for real Can’t turn my back on the hood, it need me Na, for real When you get money, stack it up for a reason Na, for real [Verse 1: Quavo] Take a look at my life back then, trap season […]

Missy Elliott – All 4 U Lyrics

[Intro: Missy Elliot] Sexy! Rah! We gon’ keep it sexy yall You dig? Oooh… Let’s go! [Verse 1: Missy Elliott] Baby what’s up with you tonight You wanna get busy I can read your mind Baby, I can see you looking Pour some champagne and you might get lucky Touch on me, touch on me, gimme gimme honey I don’t […]