Chelsea Wolfe – Static Hum lyrics

[Verse 1] They gave you to war, gave you away Garden of stones marks the debt She wears her horrors like a welt Glitch of a woman self-destructing [Chorus] Static hum Static hum Static hum Static [Verse 2] Fuse by the flux, cradle the roots Shedding of blood glowing like the flaming Sun Euphoria hiss, love me when I fall […]

Chelsea Wolfe – Scrape lyrics

[Intro] You were the Summer You were the coma You were the only one [Verse 1] It was so quiet And then you came around And all the hiss of unknown Turned lifeless and commonplace [Chorus] You carrier, you’ll never see What came undone, what you took from me Can you hear them? Rats in the walls They remind me […]

Chelsea Wolfe – Maw lyrics

[Intro] Where are you? Where are you? Where are you? Where are you? [Verse 1] In the maw, shattered teeth Underneath a dripping tongue [Chorus] I’ve been waiting in this silence While you’re sleeping, until you believe [Post-Chorus] Where are you? Where are you? [Verse 2] In the maw, in a world so dirty Intoxicated, a life of tears In […]

Chelsea Wolfe – Dragged Out lyrics

[Verse 1] Baby, they don’t want you They only want to tear you apart They believe if they drink you they’ll be like you It’ll never end The drag will keep on coming [Chorus] Dragged out in the weather Dragged out in the madness Dragged out in your loneliness [Verse 2] Sometimes I want to lose my mind Lose myself […]

Chelsea Wolfe – Carrion Flowers lyrics

[Verse 1] We learned how on our own Never needing help from you Reaching out with eyes closed We felt the light, it taught us to grow [Chorus] Hold, hold, hold on Hold, hold, hold on [Verse 2] Creatures of habit, carrion flowers Growing from repeated crimes The afterglow in full bloom Slow and relentless, we’re after you [Pre-Chorus] Hold […]

Chelsea Wolfe – 16 Psyche lyrics

[Verse 1] I’ve spent, in different beds Many moons And that’s the way I prefer it [Chorus] “I can’t”, she said “I’d save you, but I can’t hide” [Verse 2] I feel it crawl up my legs Let me wrap you up in these thighs It gets me out of my head, again [Chorus] “I can’t”, she said “I’d save […]

Chelsea Wolfe – Spun lyrics

[Verse 1] I lift my eyes, I slow my gait And I never wanna see you again You leave me restless, you leave me hung You leave me coiled, you leave me… [Chorus] Spun, spun, spun [Verse 2] Awaken in a tangle of wire I slept desperate, trying to reach you You leave me reckless, you leave me sick I […]

LANY – The Breakup lyrics

[Verse 1] I jump from heart to heart, and it’s starting to wear me down “Oh, he’s a total dick” is my reputation now ’round town My momma always said, “hey take it slow.” But how the hell do you fall in love? The last time I checked, you can’t fall in slow mo [Chorus] You think you wanna be, […]

LANY – Good Girls lyrics

[Verse 1] Dancing on the line of a dangerous love You could break me overnight But there’s no one like us Insatiably insane Equally exchanged [Pre-Chorus 1] Dancing in the light of a canyon sun Racing every wave Going North on the one The promises we make I still haven’t changed [Chorus] Baby, come back, I know my way around […]

LANY – Hericane lyrics

[Verse 1] I don’t know when this tornado hit You’re from the east coast, so let’s both call it A hurricane A hericane Pacin’ through the, the back of my mind Maybe you’ve been a storm all this time A hurricane A hericane [Pre-Chorus] Stop all this sin Be born again If you want to, if you want to [Chorus] […]

LANY – Hurts lyrics

[Verse 1] Here I am again, back to my old ways Frozen with my thoughts Wasting all my younger days And I just can’t decide, should I be alone? Hate the way I am, up every night, glued to my phone [Chorus] Please tell me why it’s easy at first But then it all breaks The more you love, the […]

LANY – It Was Love lyrics

[Verse 1] We were sixteen but I have Known you since second grade We were best friends but I have Wanted you in different ways We would pass notes in science And I would end ’em with a heart We would pass the extra time in The back of my beat-up car [Chorus] It was love I know you know […]

LANY – Pancakes lyrics

[Verse 1] Pick up the phone, I swear to god, I miss you I love the way you sound when it’s dark outside Pancakes, Champagne, 15 away, it’s almost 2 Those hands, the way your fingers fit between mine [Pre-Chorus] I’m not any good at secrets Could we fill a roll of film? The way those old Levi’s look on […]

LANY – Overtime lyrics

[Verse 1] I wanna love it, but I just can’t Shot down when our souls began to dance November, upstairs, what do you mean? Calm down, you’re the one that lied to me [Refrain] You prayed to God, and I trusted that I gave it up, and now I can’t ever get it back And all your friends on Sunday […]

LANY – 13 lyrics

[Verse 1] It could change, but this feels like, like the calm before the storm Not that I don’t wanna try, but I’ve been here before Friends in town, phone’s at home, I tell myself it’s fine Can’t remember how you taste, slept alone too many nights [Chorus] Where did we go wrong? I know we started out alright Where […]

Famous Dex – CEO Lyrics

[Intro: Pachino & Famous Dex] Yeah (you know) Ah, had to sip that lemon water, you know Talk my shit heavily (yeah, heavily, man) Lotta shit changed in the past few years, you know Less friends, more money though (yeah, what) Huh, count up Huh, yeah (skrrt) Uh, yeah (skrrt, talk your shit, Chino) [Verse 1: Pachino & Famous Dex] […]