Lil Durk – Breather Lyrics

[Intro] Nard & B Trenchwork [Chorus: Lil Durk] If we fuckin’, that’s my pussy, better not give it to nobody We started we was young, so it barely got some bodies I just love my ma, she be with me like we family Fuckin’ with no condoms ’cause I’m tryna start a family Gotta take a breather Gotta take a […]

DJ ESCO – Xotic Lyrics

[Intro: Future & Rich The Kid] [Chorus: Future] I take exotic drugs I take exotic drugs I take exotic drugs I got exotic plugs I got exotic hoes I got exotic cars I got exotic sticks I got exotic ‘Rar I take exotic drugs I take exotic drugs I take exotic drugs I take exotic drugs [Verse 1: Rich The […]

DJ ESCO – Warzone Lyrics

[Chorus] I got the Rollie from models in shoebox, I brought ’em back out I just got through from smashin’ on tour, my booty blank out I’m on a pill, ridin’ my top off, I got that Mac out I got a four, that half of white, I’m in a crack house You ain’t never had a gun, no caper, […]

DJ ESCO – Showed You Lyrics

[Intro: Future] DJ EscoMoeCity Yeah [Chorus: Young Thug] All my life I showed you Ran it up on you and showed you Yeah I put ice on you, I glowed you Yeah, your partner them get rolled too I was taught to get that stick and go and bleed on them Nigga came straight from the bottom now I got […]

DJ ESCO – Psychedelik Smoke Lyrics

[Intro: Future] What are those arts? Chiefin’ on some good herb Esco, 5 up [Chorus: Future] Psychedelic flow, smokin’ kush by the pound Got some girls in my condo, I’ma pimp ’em if they down Hoe ass niggas wit’ some high-class swagger I would come to where you at, but I’m on another level Psychedelic flow, roll some kush, let’s […]

DJ ESCO – No Slow Money Lyrics

[Intro: Young Thug] Thugger, Jeffrey, Hendrixx, Wizard, ah Dripset, dripset, dripset got the whole lit, wet, lit, wet, ooh Slime, [?] [Chorus: Young Thug] Slurpin’ me up Monica Lewinsky, ooh Massacre, massacre (massacre) Fuck who all in it (brrr) I fuck with the robbers (I do) I fuck with the shotters (I fuck with the shotters) I broke on the […]

DJ ESCO – Light Show Lyrics

[Intro: Future] Tarantino with me Lights! YFBG, nigga Every time we step out [Chorus: Future] Light show, light it up! Light show, light it up! Light show, light it up! Light show, light it up! When I step out, light show My neck, my wrist, it’ll glow Cartiers up to my elbows Crushed ice, nigga, night glow Light it up! […]

DJ ESCO – Fuk Faces Lyrics

[Intro: Future] Me and lil’ mama, we exchange the fuck faces Pour the brown liquor up, made me go brazy Coolin’ you down, you makin’ me win [Bridge: Future] Me and lil’ mama, we exchange the fuck faces Pour the brown liquor up, made me go brazy Jump in the Benz, turnin’ all 10 Coolin’ you down, you makin’ me […]

DJ ESCO – Chek Lyrics

[Intro] Pluto If young Metro don’t trust you, I’m gon’ shoot you [Chorus] I get to these racks consistently Who gon’ stop me now? They keep talkin’, talkin’ ’bout drugs ‘Bout to pop one now I just cashed out on two-door Maybach Who talkin’ now? I just fucked up me a check Bitch, I’m ballin’ out [Verse 1] I put […]

DJ ESCO – Bring It Out Lyrics

[Chorus: Future] I got a thing in the car, I’m boutta bring it out Fuck what you talkin’ ’bout nigga, we gotta bang it out I keep my bitch in the house, I’m boutta bring her out I got whips on whips this year, I’m bout to bring ’em out I’m boutta bang it out, I’m boutta bang it out […]

Bebe Rexha – Meant To Be lyrics

Feat. Florida Georgia Line [Verse 1: Florida Georgia Line] Baby, lay on back and relax Kick your pretty feet up on my dash No need to go​ nowhere fast Let’s enjoy right here where we at [Pre-Chorus: Florida Georgia Line] Who knows where this road is supposed to lead? We got nothing, but time As long as you’re right here […]

The Weeknd – Pray For Me lyrics

And Kendrick Lamar [Intro] Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh [Verse 1: The Weeknd] I’m always ready for a war again Go down that road again It’s all the same I’m always ready to take a life again You know I’ll ride again It’s all the same (ooh, ooh, ooh) Tell me who’s gon’ save me from myself When this life is […]

Minnie – Natural lyrics

Tu boca de menta, de pasta dental Tus ojos tan verdes de fino cristal Tu pelo con hebras de trigo pintado Tu rostro cobrizo de luces quemado… Todo se ve Natural, Natural… Aja… Natural, Natural… Tu porte seguro de hombros formados Tus sienes depilas to ceño cercado Tu larga melena de estilo cortado Todo le da forma a tu ser… […]

Daniel Angelus – Reflection lyrics

Whispers in time Voices on the line I know how you feel Dancing reel to reel I was your reflection Everything is lost in the mirror I don’t even know who I am anymore Reflection [x16] Thinking of the children The children of delusion I was born in heaven Because i was his reflection, yeah Whispers in time Voices on […]

Courtney Jenaé – Accelerate lyrics

[Intro] Could you just turn on my signal, push it full throttle Feel the vibrations (accelerate) Just take a ride downtown, drive it fast, big sound To the right station (accelerate) [Verse 1] All the boys tell me I’m so delectably irresistible If you play your cards right, I’ll let you in tonight Put me on your pedestal [Pre-Chorus] I […]

DJ ESCO – Walk Thru Lyrics

[Intro: Future & Nas] City, yeah, yeah DJ EscoMoeCity DJ ESCO, OG Esco, Future ‘Bout to walk through [Pre-Chorus: Future] I was standin’ in the field, had to get a hot mil’ Used to post up on the hill, this was before I made a mil’ I got 5 for 30, come and shop with me, what it is? Came […]

Curren$y – Right Here Lyrics

[Intro: Curren$y] [?] you can’t control If bitches wanna be here, they’ll be right here If bitches wanna be here, they’ll be right here [Verse 1: Curren$y] We only came for the money, them hoes came with it [?] A nigga like me ain’t tripping, I was focused on digits You ain’t heard from me in a minute but now […]

HONNE – Day 1 Lyrics

[Chorus] You’ll always be my Day 1 Day zero when I was no one I’m nothing by myself, you and no one else Thankful you’re my Day 1 Thankful you’re my [Verse 1] I got lucky finding you I won big the day I came across you ‘Cause when you’re with me, I don’t feel blue Not a day goes […]