Dali Voodoo – Rainwater

[Verse 1] After you’re finished Come through just you and your bitches Acting like it’s good but it isn’t I can tell something’s missing You ain’t gotta fight with me I said do you wanna ride with me? Smoke something, get high with me Will you stay the night with me, myself, and I? We need some company You want […]

Chris Young – Hangin’ On

[Verse 1] I’m a few drinks in, but that ain’t the reason I’m all tongue tied and my breath’s leaving this fast I can’t get past those blue eyes shining They keep drawing me in to you Got me fallin’ off track You get me like that [Chorus] Yeah I’m hangin’ on, hangin’ on To every word you say Every […]

BOONK – Bossed Up

[Chorus] Bitch I’m a boss, I’m a boss making plays (bossed up) Bitch I’m a boss, I’m a boss making plays (bossed up) Bitch I’m a boss, I’m a boss making plays (bossed up) Bitch I’m a boss, I’m a boss making plays (bossed up) [Bridge] BOSSED UP! (Bossed up.) BOSSED UP! (Bossed up.) BOSSED UP! (Bossed up.) BOSSED UP! […]

Asian Doll – Road Runner

[Intro] Ayy, yeah, uh, uh [Verse 1] I’m a runner to the money Count digits and shit, that’s sunny I get more than ever wanted Eat dinner, I’m bout my Funyuns I ain’t speaking on these bitches Less hundreds, just in the duffle More important Sit in meetings and tell ‘em don’t move a muscle Now I’m ballin’, all my […]

J. Balvin – Ahora

[Intro] Quédate aquí, te conviene Vamo’ a dejar que esto pase Y mientras tú te entretiene’ Yo me vuelvo fanático de lo que haces Quédate aquí, te conviene Si hay guerra podemo’ hacer las pase’ (podemo’ hacer las pases) Yo quiero que tú me enseñe’ Todo lo que tú haces, tú haces [Coro] Tantas son las horas Cuando estamo’ a […]

Wale – Staying Power Lyrics

[Verse 1] Lately been feelin’ like niggas doubt me Trust me, they don’t got no staying power Left Atlantic, ’bout a minute later Every record label try and scout me Representin’ all official niggas Intelligent, fly, and get bitches nigga I tell her to fly, she catch a Delta Or she RHO, or she get to steppin’ AKA, I be […]

Lil Durk – Cross Roads Lyrics

[Intro] OTF NuNu man, you know how we rockin’ man, MG-03, 72nd So you- we on the block this early? Yeah it’s 9th Street man, fool a lot of shit happened there And I’m in my feelings at a crossroads Don’t want to go Crossroads [Pre-Chorus] Meet me at the crossroads, never be lonely, meet me at the crossroads Meet […]

George Ezra – Shotgun Lyrics

[Verse 1] Gotta hit the road Something changed in the atmosphere [?] I can get used to this [Pre-Chorus] Time flies by in the yellow [?] Stick around and you’ll see what I mean There’s a mountaintop that I’m dreaming of If you need me you know were I’ll be [Chorus] I’ll be riding shotgun underneath the hot sun Feeling […]

Lil Yachty – Most Wanted

[Intro] Earl on the beat, Earl on the beat Earl on the beat, Earl on the beat Ah, ahhh, ah Lil Boat [Chorus] Hip hop’s most wanted (yeah), I’m in a Ghost, haunted (skrrt) Took a break, now I’m back ’cause that’s what they wanted (uh) What they wanted (wanted), yeah I’m what they wanted (wanted) Took a break, now […]

Habibi – Gypsy Love

[Indie rock music] See her far away, she won’t notice me She’s not long back here, she’s sipping card with me When the light shine bright, she’s like the other sea I see her almond shape when she looks at me She’s my love, my Eastern love She’s my love, sweet Gypsy love She has a thousand names she don’t […]