Aaron Rose – Break It Down (feat. Domo Genesis) (Elixir Album)

[Verse 1: Aaron Rose]
What connects the mind to re-design from the abdominal?
It’s the soul, everything else isn’t logical
Binding philosophical options to opticals
I plan to reap the food from niggas, steal it while you driving through
So don’t question what the crew can do
When you re-using shit like look what my Hadouken do
You are just another character caught up in the fiction
I Grant Hills, see who rev the engine like a piston
You could call me Muhammad ’cause I lead my nation
My Islam is Brooklyn, my occupation
Is passing knowledge, titties, and stacking pocket savings
A nigga wish that Pac could save us
I guess I’m faced the, situation with my hands up
Screaming "Fuck every copper thinking some lead will stop the prosper", tell ’em "Man up"
But your commissioner really showing no love though
‘Cause of my melanin they treat me like a felon in-
-Carcerated, but I’ve never been a thug yo
I’m just known to break a leg and then I break the skeleton
But on the scale to ten, I think break the Richter
Ain’t nothing to stop my trigger from killing coppers so mister
Please restrain from checking me
If Marley shot the sheriff then I aim for deputies
‘Til the tables turn and you become the refugee
I’m returning culture ’til you see ’bout ten of me
I know that you nervous
A black man who know what his worth is, I’m off the circus
From this American horror story, we in the circus
I found my purpose, fuck with a purpose, I’m focused
Align with stars, Mars is where my telescope is

[Verse 2: Domo Genesis]
Police to be stopped before it’s too late
Desperado flow, sending them shots from a leather case
Pure guitar funk, send you to sleep, I’ll give in a ray
Push a play, I push for the same dude that you pushed away
It’s Doms, realest scripted in this storyboard
Bully niggas for their smorgasbord
Let it be cordial or we go to war
What you respect their orders for?
We kicking down waters ’til they post the score
Rolling towards the solace you’ve been hoping for
I don’t expect you to understand, we from different measures
Don’t disrespect, them small issues turn to big vendettas
They sensing threat, they tryna figure out my mental levels
Smart black man though my visuals just a bit disheveled
Just a victim of what your system made me
But mama taught me this resolve and I’ll never let this system take me
Can’t fake me, and if you don’t feel me then you gotta hate me
But I’m here and you gotta tolerate me
It’s Doms

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