Rokit Gaming – “She Knows” lyrics

I used to sit in an office room
Fight for my life from freddy’s crew
But it’s so relative down below

It’s so dark hiding in the underground
Press restart hope this time i won’t be found
Locate his sister down below

I don’t dare to sleep alone
Oh no
Don’t go
She knows
Trapped inside this horror show
Oh no
Don’t go
She knows

So many years after the horrorific nights
Sit tight
Put your headphones on turn the volume up
Crank it up to new heights

Freddy Fazzbear gives life
Like a old parasite
Rewrite what we know of Five Nights
Let it ignite like a fire inside

I’m burning up with this excite-ment
Gotta make sure we’re invite-d
Too many years I’ve invested
Deep underground where is my deathbed

His sister’s so twisted she’s insisted
That we flip the switches so wicked

Nobody could have ever predicted
Forever now Five Nights has shifted
This bitch is straight up sadistic
Lost underground in this prison

I’m locked to the game
Like fuzzy shackles and chains

I’ve gone insane
From the mental strain
All aboard this nightmare train
Always under Freddy’s reign
Locate my pain

A symphony of endless blades
Never say that I died in vain
Feministic bloody ballet
Dance around me I suffocate

Grab your neck breathe it in
Feels so tight like a bunch of pins
Hold you down like a kid
Jumpscare quick she’s a devil’s wish

How did we come to this
This is my apocalypse
Locate his sister blow a kiss
I’m never leaving this abyss

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