Masicka – Make Moves Lyrics

(Verse 1) Meck mi tell you bout mi feeling Feel like tell you bout mi feeling Money stock to the sealing Wonder if mi dreaming Spend 5-G this morning Meck it back by this evening Gangster do real thing Like Mommy haffi alright Everything lock that a teething When mi seh bleaching a nuh nadinola Mi tell mi son a […]

Kid Ink – Lights Out Lyrics

(Chorus) Lights out, hit the switch when ain’t nobody looking I ain’t tripping, that’s just how you took it Getting high, that help my aggravations This elevation feel so damn amazing Young ni**a hang out the broads Know that you hear when it’s on We made it out this far The way I been acting, I’m sorry Young ni**a hang […]

Russ – Gone Lyrics

(Pre Chorus) I was always right and you know now You was always wrong and you know now Look at where my life just went Look where you still is I know you feel this, yeah I was tryna help you out But, I got no time to help you now Look at where my life just went Look where […]